Save Docktown Marina
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Floating Homes in Docktown Marina
Who are the players?
What's all the fuss about?
What can be done?
The heart of the matter is that the Docktown residents are facing the loss of their homes, all their equity, their life savings and in some cases, their retirement.  Their are no Marinas they can move to.  The City of Redwood City will not allow anyone else to live in their homes if they sell them and have attempted to pass legislation that would also not allow them to rent their homes.  They cannot leave and they cannot stay.
​- State Lands could decide to grandfather the Marina in or offer a long term lease option for the residents, as it has done with other marinas in similar situations. 

- Redwood City could follow through with the Inner-Harbor Specific Plan and see a new floating home marina developed nearby that would shift the marina over just enough so it is no longer on State Lands.

- The City can meet the public access goals and objectives of the Inner Harbor Specific Plan and the State Lands Commission by providing access to the water for navigational and recreational uses such as kayaks, paddle boards and canoes.
The Residents - Currently in an impossible situation of having nowhere to go, an undetermined amount of time to stay and no hope to sell or lease their properties in the meantime.  

Redwood City - Wants to develop the "inner-harbor" and Docktown with more apartments and condos.  Also faced with a 2 year timeline to develop and begin implementing a plan to bring the Marina and Redwood creek into compliance due to the settling of a lawsuit filed by Ted Hannig in early 2016. (the legitimacy of this settlement now the subject of a lawsuit itself) 

California State Lands - The boats and floating homes of the marina are in the jurisdiction of State Lands. (currently questioned in another lawsuit)  Custodianship of Redwood Creek was granted to Redwood City in 1945.  Some have inferred the residential use of Docktown Marina as inconsistent with the City's granting Statute and the common Law Public Trust Doctrine.  This, of course, was never disclosed to any of the residents of Docktown when they purchased their properties and commensed paying live-a-board fees and property taxes on them.

What can I do?
Call and send letters and/or emails to some of the players and State Legislatures urging them to support Docktown, find a fair and mutually beneficial solution that preserves city budgets and desperately needed affordable housing.
State Senator Jerry Hill
Assemblyman Kevin Mullin
Lt. Governer Gavin Newsom
State Controller Betty Yee
State Lands Commission Staff Jennifer Luchessi 
Redwood City Council
Join Facebook group Redwood City Residents Say: "What?" and post your comments

“I find myself feeling like a pawn in a chess game. Somebody else is going to determine my fate, while they take money from me,” 
Ellen Savage